Our Commitment to Amazake

What is your image of amazake?
I had the image of "I can't drink it because it contains alcohol (sake lees amazake)," "My grandmother used to make this a lot in the old days," and "I hear it is good for your health, but..." I was very impressed with the taste when I met freshly made amazake made from rice malt.

However, when I encountered freshly made "raw" amazake made from rice malt, I was impressed by its taste.I myself had the image of "It is good for your health, but....
However, when I first encountered fresh amazake made from rice malt, I was impressed by its delicious taste.
We started selling amazake with the hope of bringing this traditional Japanese fermented food, which is rich in nutrients and has the gentle sweetness of the rice itself, to more people.
Our amazake is made by milling the rice used to make it to a lower milling ratio than usual (to shave off more of the surface layer), which gives it a sweet taste without any cloying flavors. However, if the rice is polished too much, not only do the surface layers lose nutrients, but the rice becomes brittle, making it difficult for the koji bacteria to attach to the rice, and therefore, good quality rice koji cannot be made.
The rice is carefully selected by craftsmen, and the rice is optimally polished and malted (the process of attaching koji mold to the rice) before being fermented to produce amazake with a gentle sweetness.
Freshly made amazake has koji mold and enzymes still alive, and if it is left as it is, it will continue to ferment and will not keep for long. Therefore, amazake is sterilized by heating called "hi-ire" to stop fermentation and stabilize its quality.
Amazake sold at room temperature, which is often seen in stores, is amazake that has been pasteurized.
However, heating causes the Maillard reaction (a phenomenon that causes onions to turn brown when heated), which combines sugar with amino acids and peptides, resulting in a slight change in flavor.
Nama-amazake, or "raw amazake," does not last as long because it is not heated, but it still contains live bacteria that are actively breaking down enzymes and vitamins that are considered heat-sensitive.
Nama-azake can only be distributed refrigerated or frozen. Freezing allows for the preservation of nutrients such as live enzymes and other nutrients in a delicious state.
Amazake makes you a "gut beauty"!
The human body starts from intestinal activity! The intestines play such an important role that it is said, "The human body starts from intestinal activities!
Amazake has various merits as well as energizing the intestines as follows.

Relieves constipation

The dietary fiber and
oligosaccharides abundantly contained in amazake help to regulate the
intestinal environment.

It is said that the
number of good bacteria in the intestines increases and the fiber stimulates
the intestines, which leads to smooth defecation.

Regulating the intestinal
environment is a great benefit not only for those who are usually constipated,
but also for those who are on a diet.

Dieting Effect

Lipase and glucose
contained in amazake are strong allies for dieting.

Lipase helps to break
down fat, and glucose is not only a source of energy for the brain, but also
aids digestion and raises blood glucose levels.

As blood glucose levels
rise, the brain's satiety center is stimulated, so just a small amount of
amazake can fill you up.

It is recommended for
those who are on a diet and are restricting their diet, or for those who have
difficulty stopping snacking.

Skin Beautifying Effects

Amazake is rich in B vitamins,
including vitamins B2 and B6.

B vitamins help protein
metabolism, and by stimulating the metabolism of the protein layer of the skin,
waste products in the skin flow more easily.

Kouji also contains
whitening ingredients, making it the perfect drink for women who want to keep
their skin clean.

Hair Beautifying Effect

Biotin, one of the B
vitamins contained in amazake, is said to help synthesize keratin, the main
component of hair.

Therefore, it is expected
to help hair growth and hair regrowth, and has a positive effect on the luster
and elasticity of hair.

Some people say that
drinking amazake reduces gray hair, and amazake is attracting attention as a
countermeasure for beautiful and gray hair.

Effect on recovery from fatigue

The glucose abundantly contained in amazake provides energy to power the body. The carbohydrates in food are broken down into glucose in the body and used as a source of energy, but most of the carbohydrates in amazake are broken down by enzymes from koji mold, so they are quickly absorbed by the body. Amazake is also rich in vitamin B1, which promotes the conversion of sugar into energy, and amino acids, which make up protein, the main component of muscle, making it effective in relieving fatigue.